Hosting Background

I got into web and e-mail hosting in early 2002 when I discovered that after I developed a Web site for a customer, they would immediately ask me where to host and help them upload the site and configure their e-mail. After trying several different servers I finally purchased my first server, rented storage space in a data center and began my hosting career.

People Matter

I soon discovered that I am a much better web designer then system administrator and quickly migrated my customers to new servers provided by a hosting reseller who sells server space and bandwidth at bulk rates. They also provide the hardcore nerds who absolutely love the tedious and complicated work of keeping a server patched to avoid hackers, keeping the servers running smoothly to make sure your site loads as fast as possible and your e-mail is always functioning as well as helping me with whatever oddball questions I throw at them. I also have found that Itís also very important for your web developers to work closely with the system administrators to make sure the beautiful code we write will work as beautifully when the site goes live. It also helps in the initial launch since the production servers and live servers are one in the same.

Steve Samson our head system administrator scares me daily with his vast knowledge of system configuration and server optimization. I obviously know quite a bit about web hosting since Iíve been doing it for quite a bit but everyone in point2point has specialized skills and itís always nice to know that if I ever get stumped that Steve has my back.

Our Datacenters

The first question I am usually asked when I say we do web hosting as well as build and maintain a web site is where are our servers located. Learning from my predecessor who had 8 feet of water in his server room and no redundancy outside of Louisiana, you can bet dollars to doughnuts that we do not have any of our systems within the great state of Louisiana.
You might ask where our servers are but Iím not going to tell you. Itís nothing personal but Itís need to know information and you donít really need to know. Just think of it as extra added level of security. Itís widely known that giving attackers physical location of servers gives them a advantage, one that we simply deny. We rent space at over 25 datacenters across the globe so that if a tornado hits one or a nuclear bomb hits another, youíre site will keep humming along without any downtime.

Hosting is more then servers

You can get hosting anywhere. It comes back to support and that our developers know how our server works which allows us to make sure that everything that is developed works right the first time. I like the analogy of big box stores. A Walmart hosting package is just that, where as a Whole Foods/Trader Joeís setup like†point2point gives you all of the extra benefits of outlined here.
It just keeps coming back to support. When you call GoDaddy when your site goes down, youíre going to go through multiple phone menus to finally get a real person on the phone. That person is most likely in a cubicle in India with a limited grasp of English and no reason to make sure you are satisfied with his service. He will simply shrug and take the next call.

The frustration of getting a random tech every time you call, waiting while they review your notes and attempt to understand what the previous tech said is beyond frustrating when you are having a issue. Since point2point is a medium to small sized business, you can talk to the same person everytime which saves you time from having to explain your situation over and over again, as well as validating your account information every single time.

GoDaddy and Network Solutions refuse to trouble shoot any problem, even something as simple as ďmy web site is not loadingĒ, until they get account validation such as the last 4 digits of the credit card you used a year ago to register or renew. If youíre like me and have 6 different debit and credit cards you do not want to have to rattle through these numbers before you can get support. With point2point you simply have to answer the security questions that you set and weíre on to troubleshooting your issue or question.
Every person that answers a phone at point2point and every system administrator that supports our infrastructure has a vested interest in keeping you happy. If you are unhappy and move your hosting to another company then the Christmas bonuses get smaller and no one likes that.

Behind The Scenes Support

Since the majority of our web sites that we host are developed by point2point, we go the extra step of upgrading your web site to the latest version of WordPress every time it is released to make sure you are getting the ultimate protection from attacks as well as making sure all the plugins such as online forms and image gallery plugins are functioning in the version. If we upgrade and something isnít happy with the new version, weíll find a alternative solution free of charge. Upgrading regularly also gives you the latest features the WordPress community has to offer.

Itís also the little things like when your SSL encryption certificate(the little lock in the corner of your browser) for your e-commerce web site that keeps your data encrypted and secured expires expires and you require a new one. You do not want to have to go through the trouble of binding a new certificate.

Itís not fun, trust me. Donít worry, we got it.
We also offer all kinds of hosting for all different requirements. Websites built specifically for mobile devices often require a different type of server to give the visitor the ability to instantly call your phone number through the web site or view a map of your location.