Although all point2point Design customers receive the basic training on Google Apps and WordPress content management system once their Web site launches, many customers wish to know how to use both to the maximum potential.

Because of this and our experience with our hundreds of hosting customers, we’ve noticed many are only using a quarter of Google’s apps potential and power.

Michael Fredrick has put together a 2 hour training course on Google Apps to teach you and your team how to get the most out of the most out of Google Apps.

This course will give you a step by step walk through of every aspect of Google Apps and it’s capabilities. Every attendee receives a course outline for review as well as a question and answer portion of the seminar.

Things covered in our Google Apps boot camp are:


Gmail is the popular Web based e-mail system which 7 gigs of space(and growing), 10 users, unlimited e-mail forms with the most sophisticated spam and virus filter available.

  • How to setup Filters and Labels to sort e-mail quickly
  • How to best sort e-mails using Google Tasks
  • Which Gmail Labs products to get the most out of Gmail
  • Which Firefox/Chrome add-on’s to further enhance Gmail

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the Web based calendar system that comes with Google Apps. Google Calendar allows you to create multiple calendars viewable at once with the ability to share these calendars with other Google Apps and Google users.

  • How to create a event and invite others to the event
  • How to import other calendars
  • Restrictions you can set on your calendar
  • Creating reoccurring events and integrated Google Maps feature

Google Docs

Google Docs is the document management system that comes with Google Apps. Google Docs is designed to replace Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as the ability to create Google Forms.

  • How to compose the various documents in Google Docs
  • Sharing and sending documents
  • Organizing your documents with collections

Google Sites

Google Sites allows you to build Web sites utilizing their WYSWIG web site builder. Itís mostly commonly used for Intranetís(internal company web sites) which allow someone with no html knowledge to quickly and easily update the web site.

  • How to create internal organization web sites (intranet)
  • The different type of pages available and their use
  • How to edit a Google site page, such as attaching files, leaving comments and more

Interested in getting the most out of Google Apps? Call us today at 1-888-963-5554 to get started!